Representatives from the Spain’s government, political parties and regional governments, ambassadors, businesses, jurists and social organizations accompanied EFE on Wednesday to celebrate its 80th anniversary of “precise, accurate, credible, neutral and diverse” news.

This is how EFE President Fernando Garea described the news agency’s work at the anniversary’s main celebration at CaixaForum in Madrid, where nearly 400 guests attended and where the documentary “La Agencia” (The Agency) was screened.

The documentary, produced by EFE and 93 Metros, narrates the work of EFE journalists around the world through the stories of some of its reporters in Mexico, New York, Los Angeles, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Chile, Paris and China

Garea emphasised that the celebration “is about honoring the workers who have sacrificed their personal and family lives to tell what has happened in Spain and around the world and to make it possible for us to be here under the great EFE brand.”

“They are the ones who make our slogan ‘EFE is always there’ real and have within them what we call the EFE style that brings together accuracy, rigor, credibility, neutrality and diversity,” Garea said.

In addition, he said that EFE workers “know very clearly that a public news agency is not a government news agency” nor is it “an official agency.”

Garea asked those attending the event to provide EFE with the necessary support to “remain Spain’s great international agency.”

Some 400 guests celebrated the milestone, which the agency is using to relaunch its brand and position among the large international agencies through the #EFEisalwaysthere campaign, with events in Europe, the United States and Latin America.

EFE’s 80th anniversary has been sponsored by Iberia, Iberdrola and Renfe, as well as other companies such as Enagas, and with the collaboration of La Caixa for this commemorative event held at the CaixaForum in Madrid, where guests were able to learn about the world’s main hotspots in a journey told in the one-hour documentary “La Agencia.”

Among the attendees were Spanish Minister of Labor Yolanda Díaz, Spanish Senate President Pilar Llop and Popular Party President Pablo Casado.

Region of Madrid President Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Madrid Mayor José Luis Martínez Almeida were some of the other guests at this commemorative event, which was also attended by Region of Castilla La Mancha President Emiliano García Page.

Madrid Deputy Mayor Begoña Villacís, Region of Madrid Vice President Ignacio Aguado, and Spanish parliamentary spokespersons Adriana Lastra (PSOE), Iván Espinosa de los Monteros (Vox) and Inés Arrimadas (Citizens) took part as well.

Also present at EFE’s 80th anniversary celebrations were Madrid Parliament President Juan Trinidad Martos and the Madrid parliamentary spokespersons Ángel Gabilondo (PSOE), Rocío Monasterio (Vox) and Isabel Serra (Unidas Podemos).

Among the invited personalities were the former EFE presidents, Miguel Ángel Gozalo and José Antonio Vera, who is currently president of publications at the Spanish newspaper La Razón, as well as representatives from the media, including Europa Press Director Javier García Vila, and from international agencies.

Renfe President Isaías Taboas, SEPI Vice President Bartolomé Lora, as well as representatives from Adif and Aena, among other companies also attended.

Representatives of other institutions and embassies such as Japan, Britain and Chile were among the guests as well.


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  • . EFE/Mariscal