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los ángeles

6. L.A. among stars

Beside EFE journalist Antonio Martín Guirado, this sixth episode of ‘The Agency’ series unveils the inside of the entertainment industry that rules the... Read more
congo contra el ébola

3. Congo against ebola

The Democratic Republic of the Congo faces the most lethal ebola outbreak of its history, alongside an endless war and the oblivion of... Read more
frontera méxico

1. Mexico´s border

Mexico, epicenter of the migrant crisis that is blowing up diplomatic relations with the United States, is one of the most violent countries... Read more
chile deshielo

5. Melting Chile

Climatic crisis is bursting in the Chilean Antarctica, while the exportation of natural resources doesn’t slow down and wild consumerism keeps dominating global... Read more
dreamers ny

2. Dreamers from NYC

From Wall Street’s hustle to the UN halls or the streets of Queens: EFE journalists in New York are daily facing the challenge... Read more
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