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The documentary “THE AGENCY” is the core of EFE’s 80th anniversary celebrations. Join us on a journey to some of the main news hotspots on the planet through eight stories on important global issues closely linked to our foreign correspondents. An hour-long documentary produced by EFE and 93 Metros, complete with a series of eight independent episodes that will be released over the following months.

Step onto the battlefield in Libya, go into the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Listen to the voices of migrants fleeing violence at the Mexican border, meet Dreamers looking for a better future in New York. Get close up to the glamor of Hollywood’s red carpets, witness the desperation for survival in the marginal neighborhoods of Paris. Check out the melting glaciers in Chile’s Patagonia region, analyze China’s economic boom.

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EFE is there, and in many other places. Always on the ground, always wherever the news is happening, explaining it through our reporters, photojournalists and videographers. Now it’s time to share their names and faces with the world, to hear them and see them in action. 


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