The Actual 2020 festival, which kicks off Logroño’s cultural activity in Spain every January, has helped to introduce to the world the more than 2,000 Agencia EFE professionals deployed in  more than 120 countries, thanks to the screening of a preview of the documentary “The Agency,” which commemorates the Spanish news agency’s 80th anniversary.

On the eve of Three Kings Day, the Rafael Azcona Film Library in Logroño hosted “La Agencia,” within the Actual Festival’s film program. A full screening of the completed documentary will take place in the spring in Logroño.

The team comprising EFE’s La Rioja bureau and one of the protagonists of “The Agency”, Paula Escalada, who is from Rioja and reports from China, attended the screening, in which attendees learned up close about the labors, often anonymous, of EFE journalists, who “are always there.”

EFE professional journalists “are always” on the street in situ where the news occurs to inform society with rigor, truthfulness, honesty, ethics, responsibility and quality.

This point was highlighted during the presentation of “The Agency” by EFE’s La Rioja Bureau Chief Ana Lumbreras, who stressed that journalists are necessary to tell society what is happening in the world around us, and with those inalienable principles; and EFE does it in different informative media, in several languages ​​and with the use of technology adapted to today’s journalism.

In these times of fake news, which must be banished, EFE professionals work hard to inform with quality, ethics and rigor, corroborating information, uninterruptedly 24 hours a day every day of the year because EFE “is always there.”